Adam Purcell

Basic Biology

Life is Earth's most fascinating and incredible feature. It is what makes this planet so special. Yet, we take it for granted every day. From birds to bees, bacteria to humans, there is such a splendor of life that inhabits this spectacular planet and deserves our attention.
The presence of life defines this planet but so often people know very little about the life on Earth. Basic Biology: An Introduction teaches the fundamental information on the living world that everyone should know. The world of biology is explained through key concepts, organisms, and biological structures. Evolution, cell division, genetic inheritance, basic biochemistry and more are explained in simple and easy-to-follow language. Key groups of organisms such as plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, archaea, and protists are introduced and their relationships within the tree of life are explained.
Vertebrate or invertebrate, vascular or non-vascular, eukaryotic or prokaryotic, living or not; dive into Basic Biology: An Introduction and learn it all.
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