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Love in All the Wrong Places

Becky Stewart, a correctional officer at Danberry prison, is a good girl, someone who follows the rules.  She has a very sturdy moral compass and expects anyone she gets involved with to have the same heading.  That is, until she meets Oliver Cross, or should I say hears his story and can't stop thinking about him.

Oliver is in jail for murder.  He has been incarcerated since he was 16.  The crime isn't what attracts her to him, but the reason why does.  Becky doesn't normally supervise group therapy sessions, but today she has picked up one of her coworkers' shifts.  During the session, it is revealed that Oliver is up for a parole soon, and should—finally—tell his story to the group.  Oliver tells a tale of how his sister, who was 13 at the time, was beaten and raped by one of his mother's ex-boyfriends.  Without hesitation, Oliver took things into his own hands by recruiting a few of his friends to help teach this guy a lesson.  Things quickly get out of hand and the group of guys end up beating him to death.  Not wanting any of his friends,, Oliver took the blame for everyone and ends up behind bars.

Becky already found him ruggedly handsome, but the story moves Becky.  She begins dreaming about Oliver doing naughty things to her.  Her first reaction is to dismiss her dreams, but at work, she keeps finding herself in positions where she is alone with him.  First, it is in the kitchen and then it is just outside of the gym.  As the meetings become more frequent, Becky's dreams start to become dirtier and dirtier.   Finally, Becky runs in Oliver and they are all alone in the library.  Things get heated and Becky ends up hooking up with Oliver between the stacks of books; however, she closes things off between the two of them—at least until he gets out of prison.
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