Debbi Rawlins

Stealing the Cowboy's Heart

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Discover the Made in Montana miniseries—where all your cowboy dreams come true! 
Kylie Richardson has always known she wanted a family. So much so that she waited years for her rodeo-riding boyfriend to make it big and settle down. Then she discovered that he was a lying cheat—so she's started a new life in a new town.
Kylie is shocked when Landon Kincaid, her ex's best friend, shows up in Blackfoot Falls. There was always an attraction between them, but neither of them ever acted on it. The spark is still there, but can she take a chance on another rising rodeo champ? Kylie doesn't want to come second to the rodeo again, so it's up to Landon to prove that she's first in his heart.
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    “I just wanted to make you happy.”
    After a sigh that was louder than Barry’s truck backing up, her shoulders lowered. “I appreciate the thought, but it wasn’t your place to do that, Landon. It’s my business. My expenses. Which I’ll pay for. I may not be able to pay it all right away, but I’ll go to the bank tomorrow and—”
    “Kylie, please—”
    “If I can’t get a loan, I’ll set up a payment plan. I love the chair Barry built, but he needs to stop now. You need to stop.”
    “I understand.” Landon felt as though his entire world was crumbling under his feet. A loan? Shit. “I’m sorry there were things I didn’t take into consideration. You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve built, and I wouldn’t want to take any of that away from you.” He approached her slowly. “I just wanted to make you happy.” He reached out to put his hands on her shoulders, but stopped before he touched her.
    She nodded. “I know you meant well. Although I’m still confused about the motel...”
    “I’ll explain, I promise. But one thing you need to know. I paid Barry a bonus, but that was more about Barry than you. I wanted to give the kid and his family a hand. That’s all on me, and nothing you need to worry about.”
    “That was good of you.”
    He pulled

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