Ten Things Your Mother Should Have Told You About Dating, Crystal Evans
Crystal Evans

Ten Things Your Mother Should Have Told You About Dating

All around good girl, financially secure but cannot secure a man. Ante up your sex appeal because despite the credentials that you might own a man will see you as a woman first and everything else afterwards.

Sex is a great tool use it to maximise pleasure in your relationship and not as a reward tool. pLeasure should be about reciprocity and not mandatory. You should have sex because you want to and not because you feel pressured. Sex is your bargaining power and once you give it up you have nothing else to barter with.

All men are hypocrites at their worst. Use your eyes because it does not matter what a man tells you with his mouth, your eyes always see the truth. Do not shuffle your king for a joker. Be careful of the games you play because men can be dogs but women will never play the game as dirty or as nasty as them.
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