Kimberly Lang,Anne Oliver,Lucy King

Scandal In The Spotlight

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{"strong"=>["The Couple Behind the Headlines"]}
Society it-girl Imogen Christie is still smarting from her ex’s betrayal when she meets financial hotshot Jack Taylor at an art exhibition. In no time, the paparazzi are after them…and Imogen has nowhere to hide except in Jack’s very sexy arms!
{"strong"=>["Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet"]}
The tabloids couldn’t get enough of A-List couple Finn Marshall and Caitlyn Reese — the hotshot producer and Hollywood wild-child. Until Caitlyn suddenly fled Tinseltown! Now Cait is back and Finn thinks it’s time for an epic remake…
{"strong"=>["The Price of Fame"]}
After the worst day of her life, reclusive heiress Charlotte Dumont is fed up of being tailed by the press pack! So when handsome Nic Russo offers his hotel room to hide out in, Charlotte decides to forgo the consequences — and indulge her wild side…
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