Alana Church

His Best Friend's Slutty Daughter

Luke has watched his best friend's daughter grow up from a tiny baby to a devastatingly beautiful young woman. But when Mark asks him to check in on her while he and his wife are away on a vacation, he doesn't realize that the horny teenager has plans…for him! Because Candy is on the prowl, and Mark is about to be seduced by…"His Best Friend's Slutty Daughter!"

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“Hello? Anyone home?” His voice fell flat in the entrance hallway. There was no reply, except for the soft sigh of the central air. “God dammit,” he muttered. More and more, he did not want to be here. He felt like a thief, hoping that the cops wouldn’t show up before he could escape. “Where the hell is she? Candy,” he called, raising his voice. “It’s Luke. Are you home?”

He walked down the hall to where the house opened up, a living room on his right, a kitchen and dining room on his left. Behind him, a curving stair led to the second floor. The ceiling lifted high, giving more space.

And Luke stopped, stunned to mute incomprehension at the tableau which appeared before his disbelieving eyes.

I swear to God, he thought. This is not my fault.

In the living room Candy was lying on the couch, her eyes closed, gloriously naked. One leg was thrown carelessly over the back of the couch. The other hung over the edge, her toes brushing the carpet on the floor. From his angle, he could see up her legs to the lips of her cleft, which were shaved completely bare. On the flat-screen television against the wall, an adult movie was playing. From the looks, it had been going on for some time, and an older man was busily drilling a busty blond in an impossibly skimpy cheerleader outfit. Her happy squeals rang from the speakers, and her surgically-enhanced breasts wobbled with every thrust.

Candy’s are better, one part of him thought critically.

Go, the rest of his mind shouted at him. Go now. She hasn’t seen you. She didn’t hear you. She doesn’t know you’re here. There’s still time.

Still, he stood, entranced. Candy’s hands, which had been idly stroking the lower curves of her breasts, had wandered lower. Her thighs spread wide, and her fingers approached her nether-lips.

“Ah.” It was the merest breath, a tiny puff of air, but even from where he was, Luke could see the look of sensual delight that crossed his god-daughter’s face. The tips of the fingers of one hand moved in a slow circle, pushing down on the rise of her mons. The other hand crept lower, her fingertips brushing the unfurled lips of her womanhood, teasing the delicate petals. The fingers seemed to shake slightly, and as he watched, her breathing sped, causing the tanned mounds of her breasts to rise and fall more rapidly.

She was, quite simply, the most incredibly beautiful woman Luke had ever seen in his life. No centerfold, no adult movie, had ever brought him to such a fever-pitch of arousal. His shaft was an aching bar inside his jeans, and he wanted nothing more than to shove them down, leap on top of the goddess in front of him, and bury his manhood deep inside her. She would welcome it, he knew. He imagined the feel of her soft breasts filling his hands as he thrust into her over and over again-


He found that he was shaking, his hands clenched, his body at war with his mind. With a strangled gasp, he sucked in a breath of air and closed his eyes.

No. He couldn’t do this. She was his best friend’s daughter.

With a monumental effort, he turned away. His feet felt like lead as he carefully stepped away, trying to keep his steps as quiet as possible.

And then a voice lanced out, burying itself in his heart, turning him effortlessly to stare, jaw dropping, at the girl on the couch.

“Well, Uncle Luke. Are you going to do me or what?”

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