Sharon Roan

Ozone Crisis

The real story behind the Ozone CrisisStraight from today's headlines, award-winning science writer Sharon Roan offers an incisive look at one of the planet's most pressing ecological concerns. Ozone Crisis tells the compelling, often shocking story of the discovery of ozone depletion, the fight to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and future prospects and prognoses.
“At last a sober, well-researched, and well-written book on an important environmental problem…a good yarn about stratospheric ozone…This is clearly one of the best case studies of the evolution of science-intensive public policy.”
“An engaging account…skillfully recounts in terms readily understood by lay readers the shrewd detective work and unprecedented scientific cooperation that helped give rise to the Montreal Treaty.”
--John C. Topping, President, Climate Institute
“Whether you have the slightest interest in environmental matters or not, this book should be on your 'must check out!' list.”
--Western Producer
“Anyone interested in understanding contemporary environmental policy issues will find Roan has written a well-researched, well-balanced, and informative book in an easy-to-read, journalistic style.”
--Naturalist Review
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