Kevin Tewes

Answering Christianity's Most Difficult Question-Why God Allows Us to Suffer: The Definitive Solution to the Problem of Pain and the Problem of Evil

Why does an all-powerful, all-loving God allow us to suffer? For thousands of years, every attempt to answer this question has failed to adequately account for the incredibly varied forms of suffering that occur in our world.

Answering Christianity's Most Difficult Question-Why God Allows Us to Suffer marks a dramatic departure from all previous efforts to solve history's most vexing theological question. This groundbreaking work identifies the awe-inspiring purpose for which humanity was created, and then explains the surprising reasons why even an omnipotent and all loving God is unable to accomplish this purpose without suffering. Why God Allows Us to Suffer not only provides the definitive solution to Christianity's most challenging question, it reveals a plan for mankind that is more remarkable than most believers have dared to imagine.
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