Haylie Pomroy

Summary of Metabolism Revolution

A huge number of people struggle as far as weight loss is concerned despite really wanting to accomplish it. The author's clients that have tried to lose weight in the past have suffered because of continual dieting, which has left a negative impact on their health, metabolism and motivation. Those who desire to lose weight need a revolution since dieting has drained their energy and they cannot do it anymore. The purpose of this book is to reform weight loss by accentuating that trying to lose weight can be an interesting, painless, speedy, tasty and productive procedure. In addition, while some may consider starvation to be essential for weight loss, it should actually be avoided. This book can assist people in shedding 14 pounds in 14 days by causing our metabolism to burn at a faster rate.

The nutrient-centric weight loss plan offered in this book leads to a reduction in stress hormones, stabilizes the blood levels, sugar and insulin, adds to the rate of metabolism, causes better fat burning, increases endurance, strength and energy, boosts self-confidence and leaves a positive effect on mood.
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