Anna Johnson

The Complete Alkaline Diet Cookbooks for Beginners

Nothing will get you to your biggest health goals, the energy and vitality of your dreams, faster than living easy, nourishing, enjoyable Alkaline lifestyle.

Most individuals simply assume that in order to be healthy and avoid the risk of suffering from chronic diseases, they just need to eat a healthy balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates fruits and vegetables, exercise and manage their levels of stress.

However, being healthy, avoiding the risk of suffering from some chronic diseases is much more than merely just eating a balanced diet and exercising.

For example, in order to lose weight, be healthy and avoid the risk of suffering from certain diseases you also need to balance your body pH.

Our bodily fluids need to maintain a pH that is slightly alkaline; thus if you eat foods that have an acidic effect, you will definitely be having problems. Hence, in addition to eating a balanced diet, you also need to know which foods have an acidic effect as well as those that have an alkaline effect, and this is exactly what this book will cover.

This book will show you exactly what to do, what not to do, what you'll be eating, drinking and doing for each day of your life to stay healthy and fit.

You will learn more about the alkaline diet, its benefits, as well as alkaline foods you should start eating as well as those foods with acidic effects that you need to eat less.

If you really want to transform your health and energy in just seven days, you HAVE to see the amazing recipes in this book. The recipes could change your health and life forever.

No matter how long you've been stuck in a battle with your body, and stuck in frustration and pain, the Alkaline Lifestyle will change all of that in a matter of days.

I think you'll love it, because it is all about reconnecting with your body, working as a team again.

By understanding what the body needs to heal and repair and simply giving it that— the miracle happens.

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