Daniel Kay

The God Eater's Reward

Against all the
foretold prophecies, Brell of Rellonia slayed the High King Dulain and ate the Fruit of the Gods, becoming the God-Eater and High King of man, elves and all
the other races.  That was eight years
ago, and only now has the warring ceased enough to allow him to return to his
quiet mountain kingdom and reunite him with his now eighteen-year-old daughter.
Rellonia has become rich and prosperous in his absence, and many seek to
strengthen a union with the widower king or his unwed daughter. Love is in the air for both King and princess, but the union the gods have up their sleeves is unlike anything the kingdom has expected.

~~~~~  Excerpt ~~~~~
was a beautiful woman standing outside his bathing chambers dressed in gauzy
mint green silk, her golden hair gleaming in the sunlight pouring in from a nearby window. She was petite, perfectly formed, with a cherub face and plush,
full pink lips.  The sight of her
spring-time warmth amidst the cold stone castle made Brell suddenly aware of the fire in his veins that had for so long lain dormant.

was waiting for him, and as he approached, her eyes widened.  Taking a step forward, her soft voice called,

burst of intense clarity and joy overcame Brell.  “Lilly?” One moment he was standing in the
corridor looking at this woman, then next he had his daughter in his arms,
holding her tight.  “Can it be? My little
Lilly?  You're all grown up!”

There were tears in her eyes, and now Brell could see she was not quite a woman; not yet. She was eighteen now, and like her country, well into spring:
beginning to blossom, but not yet heavy with the fruits of summer.

loved her more intensely in that moment than he had ever loved anything in his
life.  There had been dark weeks when
he'd thought he never again see her sweet face.
“Oh, my baby girl.” He bent to kiss her brow, and all the while the fire
in his veins continued to churn.

waited for you,” she said, pressing her cheek against his tunic.  “Like you said in your letters.  I was a good girl; such a good girl. I never
went anywhere with any men or boys. Not ever.”

fire in Brell's veins began to descend, still churning, not yet fury, but not
anything else, either.  “And now I'm here
to protect you,” he whispered.  Aware
suddenly of their proximity, Brell took a slight step back.  “I'm filthy from the road, girl.  Don't soil your gown with your father's

don't mind,” Lilly said, stepping close again. She closed her eyes as she took
in such a deep breath she almost stumbled.
“Daddy's scent. I remember it.
I've wanted to smell it again for so long….”

my baby girl,” Brell whispered, and the fire descended again, the potential
rage dissipating completely as it found its proper home: warming his seed.  He was suddenly hyper-aware of Lilly's fresh,
light scent, and of how soft her hand felt against his broad chest.  She was eighteen now, but still small—barely
five feet—and was especially dwarfed compared to the immense stature of the
God-Eater. Bren was nearly seven feet tall and twice as broad across as a
regular man his age.

had been no time in the last eight years to think of women; or there had been
times, but Brell had never let himself stray from his duties.  He had taken the power of the Gods and that
came with certain responsibilities he was not going to shirk. He'd had to prove

in the safety of his kingdom, pressed up close to the one thing he valued more
than his kingdom and god powers combined… Brell closed his eyes, bent his head and let himself drink in his daughter's scent.  Beneath the floral fragrance of her
freshly-washed hair, there was a sweet, hidden musk; a woman's scent, and one
that made his mouth hungry and his cock come alive.

waited for you, Daddy,” she whispered.
“I never touched myself, though I wanted to… When I got your letters,
sealed with your kisses, oh, Daddy.” Her little chest heaved.

was a war inside of Brell that Lilly could know nothing about.  His emotions were fighting against his clever, analytical brain.  How badly he wanted this insane thing!  How desperately he longed to give this little girl what she thought she wanted; her Daddy's touch.  And yet there was a royal
feast he was to be attending, and a thousand meetings with councilors and ambassadors, merchant guilds, elven diplomats, treasurers, families of fallen
soldiers, a whole standing guard and so many more.


deserve it,” Lilly whispered, her tiny hand stroking his chest,
encouraging.  “After eight years…
Daddy… please…”

inside Brell snapped.  Just once passion
won over reason. He grabbed a fistful of his daughter's luxurious flaxen hair
and pulled her back with it, so he could see her sweet, full lips. He drank in the sight of her surprise before crushing his mouth against hers, tasting her,
drinking in her essence; stealing her first kiss.  A flood of power and rightness washed over him, as intense as it had been the day he ate
the fruit of the Gods.  Lilly, although
completely inexperienced, kissed him back as fiercely as she could, but his
need was unleashed.

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