A.J. Wyatt

Family that Binds: Cosa Nostra Series: Book Two

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    Vengeance gives you purpose. Heartache cripples you. Pick your poison.
    Neal Sanders is on the precipice of getting all he’s ever wanted in life, becoming Don and obtaining his seat on the Commission. However, it all seems to come at a cost. His love for Amelia, an outsider, is stronger than he ever imagined possible but still he must marry Arica Bastone, the princess of Cosa Nostra.
    With her heart in shreds, Amelia embraces her role as a newly appointed associate of the Castellano Family. Helping Neal in every way she can will have to be enough. However, Romero has other plans for her. She is willing to face the shark-infested waters of Cosa Nostra to help Neal obtain his title and in doing so, her freedom from her contract. But is that what she truly wants?
    Suspecting that Romero has been laying the chessboard in his favor all these years, Neal is determined to take his birthright and his future. Amelia has a chance to live a life free of all the darkness that threatens to drown her every chance it gets. Will she take it or will she give everything to the man who owns her heart?

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