Benjamin Lee Shipton


Sean James is a wanted man. This decorated Navy SEAL is a witness to the highest of crimes: murder. When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff--the most powerful man in Washington--orders an execution by friendly fire, Sean James is supposed to die too.
But when Sean survives the drone attack and returns to the USS Ford, the United States government wants him dead. Washington is beseiged by a dark power circle; assassination contracts are commonplace. As the Pentagon's chief, Chairman Lee Mace will use every asset at his disposal to eliminate his adversaries. Trapping Sean James in a remote New York wilderness, the CIA's best assassin is recruited to silence the veteran SEAL.
Sean has been dishonored. His teammates are dead, his superiors lied, and he struggeles to reckon with his own unspeakable acts. But now he's running for his life. The flash drive around his neck may prove his innocence and restore his honor--if he survives.
Tracked by a CIA assassin and by the most advanced drones on the planet, Sean is hunted through the Appalachian wilderness. Unarmed and outnumbered, the SEAL commander of retirement age--developing an unlikely ally with an NSA spy--must use every skill he has ever learned to survive the onslaught and avoid being droned.
Can this high-I.Q. nuclear engineer--using every fiber of his person from boyhood to advanced special operations warfare--overcome his own demons and engineer his survival. Sean's honor is more important to him than his life. Must he sacrifice one to save the other?
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