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Shopping Guide to Japan

Bargain shopping in Japan can be a challenge, but this book succinctly explains all the ins and outs to making the most of your Japanese shopping experience.Japan is the shopping capital of the world—unequaled in the number, variety and convenience of its shopping venues. The Shopping Guide to Japan is a one-of-a kind Japan guidebook that provides detailed information about methods of payment, prices, taxes, tax-free goods, store hours, discount days, store etiquette, returns and refunds, and in-store bargaining.The shopping book covers all of the main shopping categories in Japan—from boutiques and departments stores to flea markets, shopping streets, train station shopping, bargain shopping and airport shopping.In addition to the primary shopping areas in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, the book covers Sendai and Sapporo in the north and Naha on the Island of Okinawa.
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