Catherine George,Dani Collins,Kelly Hunter

A Forbidden Passion

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{"strong"=>["No Longer Forbidden?"]}
Rowan O’Brien was the only woman to tempt Nic Marcussen beyond his control — and the only woman forbidden to him. Years later, Nic has the world at his feet. But when tragedy brings Rowan back into his life, the two finally face their deepest desires…
{"strong"=>["The Man She Loves to Hate"]}
Jolie Tanner has her reasons for wanting to stay away from gorgeous Cole Rees. It’s awkward enough that her mum had a scorching affair with his dad — but Jolie goes up in flames every time Cole touches her! Can you have a fling with the man you love to hate?
{"strong"=>["A Wicked Persuasion"]}
James Crawford has never forgotten Harriet Wilde, the heiress who broke his heart. Ten years later, James is the head of a multi-million-pound empire — and he wants revenge! But he might just be fanning the flames of a fire he thought died long ago…
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