Marilyn Fae

Helpless to Resist

When Jane accidentally insults an incredibly powerful Alpha Werewolf during her Guardian's dinner party, she knows she's going to be in huge trouble.

It's not her fault she's feeling so agitated. She's a rabbit-shifter in a room full of powerful Alpha Werewolves who keep glancing her way like she's good enough to eat and they're just trying to figure out the best part of her to dig into first.

She's prey in a room full of predators and it's time she learns her place.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She watches as he starts to make for the exit, uncertain of what best to do. She's always thought she had her mother's inheritance to fall back on, but what if he's right. What if Daddy had already spent it all? The most horrible thing about everything he's saying is how much truth there is in them. She isn't very smart. She's always used her mother's sickness as an excuse for her delay in graduating high school, but she knows that's not the whole reason.

She's never been particularly book smart and she's never even very street smart. She's been sheltered her entire life and she continues being sheltered, even now.

He reaches for the doorknob and her heart jumps to her throat.

“Wait,” she gasps, feeling forlorn. When he doesn't react, she scrambles to her feet and grasps him by his arm, saying louder, “Please,” she whimpers. “Tell me— tell me what I need to do.”

“Good girl,” he grins, teeth glinting in the light, more wolf than man. “My name is Rueben. But I'd rather liked what you called John. I'd like you to call me the same too,” he says calmly, like he's asking for the time. “Can you do that for me, darling?”

“Da— Daddy?” she squeaks, unsure if she's heard him right the first time.

“Good girl,” he says, pleased. “Come in the bedroom, kitten. You'll catch a cold here.” He doesn't wait for her to respond, picking her up by bending down and curling his arms around her thighs. When he stands, he hoists her over his shoulder and she kicks out instinctively in panic, but her feet don't hit anything because he's grabbing her thighs too tightly.

He smacks her ass.

“Be good, darling. I'd hate to drop you,” he says and she stops struggling because he sounds excited by the possibility of dropping her.
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