Margaret Way

The Road Home

Two lost souls end up together at a glittering soirée off the coast of Australia’s breathtaking Sydney Harbour, where long-forgotten secrets and everyday seductions collide . . .
Bruno McKendrick knows that he can win the attention of any woman he pleases. The well-to-do son of a Scottish-born father and Italian mother, Bruno is one of the most eligible bachelors in Australian
high-society. But on this night, finding love is the last thing on his mind as he makes his way through the usual crowd of movers, shakers, and hob-nobbers . . . until he lays eyes on an incomparable beauty whose face Bruno is sure he’s seen before.  
Her name is Isabelle Martin—and she says she’s not who Bruno thinks she is. Still, he’s determined to prove that Isabelle is the living image of someone his late private-investigator father spent his life trying to find. Solving this twenty-year-old mystery is one challenge; the burning attraction between Bruno and Isabelle is another. As he closes in on the case and discovers a dark truth from Isabelle’s past, Bruno risks tearing her whole world apart . . . unless she will allow him to help pick up the pieces . . .  
“If you’ve never read Margaret Way before, you’re in for a treat!”  
New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer  
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