Les Miserables, Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo

Les Miserables

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Les Miserables author Victor Hugo ( 1802–1885 ) was a famous nineteenth-century French literary giant, a typical representative of early romanticism. He created a large number of works including, the novel, “ Notre Dame de Paris “, “ Les Miserables”," Les Travailleurs de la Mer”," L’Homme qui Rit” and “ Quatre-Vingt-Treize”; anthology “carols and folk collection”, “Les Orientales”, “ Les Contemplations”, “Les Chatiments”, “La legende des Siecles” and script, “Hernani”, “ Luc Les wave Guinea “,"Le Roi S’Amuse”, “ Angelo”, “Ruy Blass” and so on. He also wrote a number of political commentaries ."Les Miserables” exploring social issues began in 1845 and was published until1862 in Brussels. The novel truly depicts the French social life from Napoleon's Waterloo in 1815 to early July Monarchy. The author, who fully used the humanism writing technique, reflected the tragic fate of the poor strata of capitalist society, showed his deep sympathy to the unfortunate people. He also advocated putting and end to evil, social reform and saving humanity by fraternity and kindness, which also exposed the darkness of society and denounced the injustice of law.This work shines with realism glory and is full of rich romanticism colors. Its language is of high agitation and ebullient, with ups and downs and soul-stirring plots.This work is full of poetic lyricism and nuanced descriptions, with rich, precise and appropriate historical research and intensive analysis of arguments. It caused a strong reaction after being published. It is translated into many languages and adapted into a film and drama, which is welcomed and loved by the readers and audience from all over the world. Its enduring charm makes it worthy of being known as world literature treasure.
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