Mark Williams

So You Want to Fly Fish

Flyfishing is no longer just for the pipe and tweed crowd. This explosion of flyrodding has hit a nostalgic nerve in middle-class baby boomers. But the sport is seeing all kinds taking up the longrod from blue-collar workers to senior citizens to kids and women. So You Want to Flyfish? is a how-to book written in a conversational style, complete with brief anecdotes, clear instructions, insider tips and secrets of how to get on the water quickly without weeks and months of practice. This is a technique book that's actually fun and easy to read, complete with color photographs that reinforce the techniques for both beginning and intermediate anglers. Written by two award-winning teachers known for their quirky humor, zany adventures, and with fifty-five years of flyfishing experience between them, the book is short and to the point, designed to get the new angler on the water, but to also keep providing instruction through their learning curve.
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