Dean Burnett

The Idiot Brain

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Why do you lose arguments with people who know MUCH LESS than you?
Why can you recognise that woman, from that thing… but can't remember her name?
And why, after your last break-up, did you find yourself in the foetal position on the sofa for days, moving only to wipe the snot and tears haphazardly from your face?
Here's why: the idiot brain. For something supposedly so brilliant and evolutionarily advanced, the human brain is pretty messy, fallible and disorganised. For example, did you know that your memory is egotistical? That conspiracy theories and superstitions are the inevitable effects of a healthy brain? Or that alcohol can actually improve your memory?**
In The Idiot Brain, neuroscientist Dean Burnett tours our mysterious and mischievous grey (and white) matter. Along the way he explains the human brain's imperfections in all their glory and how these influence everything we say, do…
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    The regions that control these fundamental aspects, the brainstem and cerebellum, are sometimes referred to as the ‘reptile’ brain, emphasising their primitive nature, because it’s the same thing the brain was doing when we were reptiles, back in the mists of time
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    Social anxieties occur when the brain’s tendency to predict and worry about negative outcomes is combined with the brain’s need for social acceptance and approval.
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    Most learned associations can be removed eventually via a process established in Pavlov’s famous dogs experiment. A bell was associated with food, prompting a learned response (salivation) whenever it was heard, but if the bell was then rung repeatedly in the continued absence of food, eventually the association faded.

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