Rena Winters

Deadly Deed

This book is based on a true homicide incident that took place in the 1950's in Arizona.

Gene McLain, also known as “Bulldog” and “Man of Murder”, was an investigative reporter employed by a national Hearst newspaper who wrote and solved major crimes.

In the 1950's, computers were not used in police work; there was no internet, cell phones, DVDs or DNA testing. None of the technology we take for granted today was available. There was only the teletype, and law enforcement agencies were not connected. Television was brand new and the nation was amazed at black and white pictures that came out of the air.

We did have crime, and that's what this story is all about: the world of homicide and the mean streets. Gene McLain's world. He not only wrote award-winning stories about crimes, he solved them.
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