Jo Warwick

The Big Book Of Love is based on a collection of writing by Love Psychologist Jo Warwick, who has since 2006 helped thousands of men and women around the world to understand and embrace love abundantly, and now she's combined her life's work and personal experience to create The Big Book Of Love.

Former professional sportswoman, born energy heal- er, turned writer and therapist (individuals, Couples, children and family), specialising in human attachment and the psychology of Love. She spent 15 years re- searching human development and relationship dynamics, as well as collecting miraculous love stories, during her global travels.

She's published on her specialism in professional journals, presented workshops, spoken at conferences and created an online self-help empowerment pro- gramme. As well as an avid traveller she's also spent many years in spiritual study and trained in Taoist Wingtsun, Yoga, Surfing and Fencing, all of which has been integrated into her holistic philosophy and approach.


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