Henry Fernandez

Henry Fernandez, inspirational speaker, author, and entrepreneur, is known for his practical, dynamic Bible teaching. With a prophetic message that cuts across denominational, cultural, and economic barriers, Fernandez is senior pastor of The Faith Center Ministries-a thriving multiracial congregation of over eight thousand people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is also seen weekly on the Word Network and the Trinity Broadcasting Network. A visionary who believes it is God's will for everyone to prosper and be in good health, Fernandez is committed to helping educate people as to what God's Word says about living and walking in victory. Part of that commitment is demonstrated through his founding of the University of Fort Lauderdale, a fully accredited, nondenominational Christian institute approved by the Commission for Independent Education. The university, which was established to advance Christian education and promote leadership in secular and faith-based arenas alike, offers degrees at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral level.


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