Michael Reist

Michael Reist

Michael Reist is a nationally-recognized authority on the needs of children. He is the author of the Canadian bestseller Raising Boys In A New Kind Of World as well as What Every Parent Should Know About School and The Dysfunctional School: Uncomfortable Truths and Awkward Insights on School, Learning and Teaching.His most recent book is entitled Raising Emotionally Healthy Boys.He has published over 90 articles on topics ranging from education, spirituality and parenting to movies, books and popular culture.Michael’s work has been featured on CBC Television and Radio, Global TV, CityTV, TV Ontario, Today’s Parent Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The National Post and the Toronto Star.He is a frequent speaker to parent groups and conferences across Canada where his workshops on how boys and girls learn differently and the influence of technology on kids have drawn large crowds and enthusiastic responses.A classroom teacher for over thirty years, Michael now works in private practice where he is a mentor to countless young people and their parents.

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