Jolie Day

Accidental Roommate

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Accidentally moving in with a billionaire.
And ex-crush.

I never expected to see him again.
Ethan Gladwell.
Billionaire alpha. Knockout face. High school crush.
He was my first kiss… my first love.
But he also stomped all over my heart.
And I clearly never learned my lesson.
Because I’m back at his doorstep.
I desperately need a room—and his penthouse is my best bet.
Ethan’s smirk still melts me.
His chiseled chest is my eye candy.
He touches me like he owns me.
Utterly dominating and supremely confident.
This is going to turn into a wild adventure.
Especially when I learn why he left me all those years ago.
So, us being roommates—what could possibly go wrong?

From USA Today Bestselling Author Jolie Day comes Accidental Roommate, a stand-alone romance novel for fans of second chance romance plots and irresistible alpha male billionaires, dripping with sexual tension.
Jolie Day


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