Timothy Willink

Yoga for Beginners

★ ☆ Are You Ready to Discover the Secrets of Yoga? Would Taking a Little Stress Off Your Life Help You? If So, Continue Reading... ☆★  One cannot comprehend the benefits that yoga can bring to one’s life. The philosophy behind yoga elevates our spirit, working alongside our body. Yoga is different from everything else. Many have preconceptions about it, underestimating it for its quietness, saying yoga is ‘just for stretching’, and that opinion will change the first time they try it. To quiet your mind and work your body, the book ‘Yoga for Beginners’ will tell you all about the fundamental teachings of this ancient exercise that goes way beyond that.
The average number of yoga participants in the US alone is around 36,7M, spread all over the nation with more than 6,000 yoga studios. Research has shown that practicing Yoga can be an effective treatment for back pain, depression, anxiety, while also helping you to sleep better, eat more healthily (which will lead to losing weight in a disciplined and healthy way), and be more flexible. It also points that 86% of yoga practitioners have a strong sense of mental clarity.
Body and Soul, as one, in harmony. That’s the Yoga way.

“You Cannot Do Yoga. Yoga is Your Natural State. What You Can Do Are Yoga Exercises, Which May Reveal to you Where You Are Resisting Your Natural State” – Sharon Gannon
Yoga is a way of life. It teaches us to take care of the bond between our body and soul, helping both giants to grow and prosper with health.
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