Lorraine Phillips

Mind Right: Change the Way You Think to Create a Life You Love

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Do you want more out of life? Have you not achieved some of the results you would like? Are you not doing the things you know you should? Or are you just not sure which direction to go next?

Many of us are faced with the dilemma of trying to find the answers to these questions. We have been taught that success comes from 80 percent action and 20 percent thought. But this equation is wrong: true success comes from 80 percent thought and 20 percent action. There is nothing in your life that you cannot change, modify, or improve simply by changing the way you think.

He who conquers the mind conquers the world. ~ Guru Nanak Dev

Mind Right provides you with simple, practical, effective techniques you can use to totally transform your life. You will:

* Understand exactly how your mind works so that you can make it a partner in your success

* Explore the question of who you are and why you are here

* Learn how to replace the negative thought patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back

* Train your mind to automatically generate more positive, optimistic, productive thoughts

* Learn how to quiet the constant chatter of the mind, so you can feel much happier and more at peace

No matter what your current circumstances, inherent in you is the power to create a joyous, richer, more fulfilling and abundant life!
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