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Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate

Learn Spanish with short stories!There are many ways to immerse yourself in Spanish: take language lessons, watch movies or TV series with English subtitles, take online courses, join an English-speaking club, travel to a Spanish-speaking country, reading books, etc.
Spanish Short Stories for Intermediate: 10+ Short Stories to Learn Spanish and Improve your Pronunciation” offers you a simple but effective way to learn Spanish through stories, for people at an intermediate level (Level B1 and Level B2). You’ll find this book challenging enough to continue improving your knowledge of the Spanish language, according to your proficiency level..
In this book you will find stories written entirely in Spanish. After reading this book, you'll:Learn vocabulary that you can use immediately, every day. You will add more than 1,000 words and expressions in Spanish to your repertoire through descriptive phrases and informal conversations presented throughout the stories.Become familiar with a wide variety of grammatical structures and use them immediately.Develop your pronunciation in Spanish and make words come naturally from your mouth.Avoid the monotonous task of memorizing grammar rules. (Isn't that awesome?!)Get a better understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture, traditions and literature.So, what are you waiting for? Your level of Spanish will improve as soon as you get this book. So do it today!
Have fun and enjoy reading!
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