Damon Brown

The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur Trilogy

INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL BEST-SELLING TRILOGY with The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, The Productive Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, and The Balanced Bite-Sized Entrepreneur as well as the new keynote Why Your Side Hustle Matters More Than Ever! How are you creating your next act? In this best-selling series, Inc. columnist and success entrepreneur Damon Brown explains how you can take bite-sized steps to start your big idea, make your side hustle or make your passionate dream. The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur takes the very best of the first three books and adds exclusive insights and priceless strategies new to the series. The actionable strategies are a tour-de-force of wisdom, from Buddhist monk Pema Chodron to literary hero Steven Pressfield to emotional intelligence pioneer Brene Brown. It all weaves beautifully into Damon's own experience leading the popular startup, Cuddlr, to acquisition while taking care of his first baby full-time. Veteran entrepreneur Cameron Herold says, "You can create the life you imagined and still be an entrepreneur. Damon's new book will give you the easy way to implement strategies and do just that", and best-selling time management expert Laura Vanderkam says "Got 5 minutes while waiting for a phone call? Instead of checking email -- again -- take a bite of The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur. You'll find plenty of tips to stay motivated and productive, and build your business while building your life."
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