Honey March

Hunting Guilt (Ghosts of You. Sisters.)

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The drama of five sisters. Dark Comedy. Dark Contemporary.
It's a story revolving around Inah, the youngest of the Jung family, but from a different mother.

And her half-sisters or should be labelled evil stepsisters:

Kyulkyung has no point of reference on how to love or be a good older sister to her younger siblings by the lack of parenting she received.
Sunyoung, torn between her loyalty to Kyulkyung, the eldest, and affection to the youngest, Inah.
Yoojin has long let herself be aloft in the air to run from her pain and pushed Inah away again and again.
Uuyong couldn’t decide between love or hate for Inah, fragmented by her father, torn from her past.
Would Inah, fragile and broken, whom they can't stop hurting by their indecisive nature, slip through their fingers in the end? Would they lose her?
In the midst of all, is an inheritance distribution that threatens to rip them apart, which will reveal each their true colour. There’s a civil war among the four sisters to get Inah for themselves, their beloved prized trophy, each for their own importance: to protect her, to use her, to help her, to boast. Thrown in is past murder. And a present attempted murder.
Honey March


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Hunting Guilt (Ghosts of You. Sisters.)
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