Antigone (unabridged)

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Experience the timeless power of Greek tragedy with our unabridged audiobook of "Antigone". This classic play by Sophocles explores themes of loyalty, honor, and the price of defiance against unjust laws.
In the aftermath of a brutal civil war, Antigone is torn between the laws of the city and her duty to her family. Her decision to honor her fallen brother sets her on a tragic path of resistance against the king's decree.
Our audiobook brings this ancient drama to life with a clear and engaging narration. Every line of Sophocles' poetic dialogue is delivered with precision, immersing you in the emotional turmoil of Antigone's struggle.
Whether you're a student studying Greek literature, a lover of classic drama, or someone seeking a thought-provoking listen, "Antigone" is a compelling choice. Experience the tragedy and triumph of one of literature's most enduring heroines. Add "Antigone" to your audiobook collection today!
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