J.K. Harper

Ranger Bear: Riley

Silvertip Shifters series Book 5

★★★★★ "Awesome, emotional, and made me want a love like that." ★★★★★

A woman ready to give up...
Mountain lion shifter Marisa wants only to be put down. Madness taunts her every day. Her tormented past won't let her go—until grizzly bear shifter Riley and his young children shake up her world. They give her something to live for, if only she can escape her brutal history.

A bear shifter haunted by tragedy...
After the horrific loss of his mate years ago, solitary backcountry ranger Riley raised his cubs alone. Raging sorrow is no place for a daddy bear to stay stuck, though—especially not after he meets Marisa. Because the damaged yet riveting woman is the only one who can finally heal his shattered heart.

A shifter town faced with dangerous outsiders.
But when Marisa's ruthless past hunts her down, neither Riley's fierce vigilance nor her own wary instincts are enough to protect her. The wild spirit of an entire town filled with untamed shifter strength must come together to safeguard them all—and show two devastated souls they need one another to become whole.

To the reader: This audiobook is filled with heart-pounding romance, exciting adventure, and some awesome hawt times. If you love big ole grizzly bear shifters who have a soft spot for their fated mates, the charming and funny details of a shifter-filled small town, and the beautiful power of true love to always save the day, this story is for you.

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