Alvin Williams

Street Nurse

           Street Nurses is a hard hitting audiobook that focuses on a group of nurses and doctors that take to the streets to help out those who are sick or injured and don't have the option of going to the hospital. For some it's because their injuries are gang related and they can get arrested if they end up in the ER. For others it's because they can't afford the hospital bills or their drug addiction will only get them escorted out.
           This audio dramatic series will shed light on the fractured medical system within urban communities and how some people have to take healthcare into their own hands. Inspired by real people and their every day struggles, Street Nurses will show humanity and kindness in a tough inner city neighborhood.
This audio book series is centered around a young woman named BRIANNA who went on a downward spiral after the death of her mother. She found herself alone and addicted to heroine and one day she was cornered in an alley and brutally attacked. Brianna was left for dead when suddenly a group of strangers came to her rescue and treated her injuries. She woke up in a makeshift hospital a few days later to discover that she had been saved by a private group of medical professionals known as “The Street Nurses,” and that her mother was one of the founding members before she passed away.
     \The Street Nurses motto is: Care with Caution as anything can happen in this volatile arena. Everyone deserves medical attention when they need it and Street Nurses are here to answer that call.
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