Damon Brown

Build From Now

Our biggest hurdle today isn’t finding the right hack to more output, but understanding that accepting our limitations actually improves our results. The follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Bring Your Worth, Build From Now shows how each and every one of us has four different resources: focus, agility, time, and energy.

We have more or less of each, depending on where we are in our lives. Know your strengths and you’ll be able to be productive, creative, and inspired. Forever.

Like Damon Brown’s best-selling Bite-Sized Entrepreneur series, Build From Now shows you how to take the resources you have already have to help create the world you want to see.

Audio exclusives:

Preview of the #BringYourWorth theme song produced by Purple Fluorite, now available on all music platforms!

Damon's popular TED Talk "How To Build Power Wherever You Are"

The powerful keynote "Why Your Side Hustle Matters More Than Ever"
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